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How to make sure fresh cut garden flowers last

Flowers can bring color
and life to a home. They can help make you feel good by brightening up any
room. Using flowers is a great way to change up the décor without having to
spend a lot of cash. Flowers are also portable, so you can move them around
until you find that perfect spot for them.

You can have fresh flowers delivered, or you can bring in some beautiful blooms from your garden. Doing this means you get to benefit from your hard gardening work and it can also promote more growth on your garden plants. If you decide to cut flowers from your own garden, you need to make sure that you cut them and care for them in the right way in order to make them last for as long as possible.

When is the best
time to cut garden flowers?

Cutting garden flowers
should always be done in the morning when their stems are hydrated from the
dew. As the day goes on, their stems dehydrate, with midday being the worst
time to cut. If you cut flowers at the wrong time, when stems are lacking
water, they are unlikely to last long in a vase. Remember to place cut flowers
in a bucket of water as soon as they are harvested.

If the flowers you are
cutting have more than one bud on every stem, like snapdragons, you should make
sure that one bud is almost open and at least one other is starting to open
before you cut. If you do not make sure this is the case, the buds are unlikely
to open while in a vase. If there is only a single flower on a stem, it should
be fully open before cutting.

How to cut garden

When cutting flowers
from your garden, make sure that you use the right tools. Always cut with a
sharp blade, and use garden clippers rather than household scissors. Clippers
are designed for cutting whereas scissors are designed for paper cutting and
can damage the stems of flowers.

Cut flowers around one
inch from the bottom of the central stem and always cut at a 45-degree angle.
Before you place the flowers in water, remove all leaves from the lower half of
the stem, the part that is going to be submerged in water.

Making sure water is at the right temperature

Bulb flowers, such as
tulips, like to be placed in cold water, but this does not apply to other
flowers. They should be placed in water that has a temperature of around 100 to
110° F. (38-43° C.). Water of this temperature is easier for flowers to absorb,
hydrating them faster.

Preserving cut garden flowers

Once a flower has been
cut from a plant, it needs to be provided with help in order for it to survive.
You can buy flower preservatives from the shop. These preservatives contain
sugar which is nutritionally beneficial, bleach which helps to get rid of
bacteria, and citric acid to ensure that the pH of the water is slightly
acidic. You can create your own preservative solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of
sugar, 1 teaspoon of bleach, and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with 2 pints of

Cutting and caring for
garden flowers in this way helps them to last longer in a vase, decorating your
home for several days.

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