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Spot Spreader: The Multi-Season Hand Tool That Spreads Everything You Need

gardeners: lighten up. Stop dragging around those heavy bags!

even the most phenomenal gardeners could use a little help. Spreading garden
seed or fertilizer evenly, just in the spots where it’s needed, can be quicker
and easier than you think. Your shed is probably loaded with fertilizers, soils
and seeds that require your precious manual labor. Hauling bags around the yard
can be, literally, a real pain.

Finding simple ways to optimize your work outside makes gardening the best part of your week. And the folks at Spot Spreader have just what you need. Keep those heavy bags on your shed shelves where they belong, and try filling a lightweight, efficient hand-spreader tool with as much or as little as you want instead.

Precision Spreading

a variety of vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants calls for different
types of fertilizers, soil mixtures and conditioners, and combinations of
products that are sold in large heavy bags. Naturally, your rose bushes will be
needing a fertilizer different from what you’re using to feed your new baby
trees or emerging crop of sugar peas.

what about that one little patch of lawn that needs to be reseeded, but sits
right next to your flower bed? Most of us have had the experience of
broadcasting new grass seed a little too far, a little too much. Grass in the
flower or vegetable bed quickly translates to weeds that need to be pulled…more
manual labor.

the winter, spreading salt on walkways can be tricky. Salt’s not always
friendly to surrounding plants either. It can be a challenge to keep it
sprinkled exactly where it needs to go.

Crank-type spreaders almost always cast whatever you’re spreading into the wrong places. Our new favorite tool for specific garden sections is a spot spreader that’s lightweight and precise, with a strong handle for easy control. It’s easy to fill and durable as heck. Of course, all fertilizers, seeds and salts are not going to be the same sized grains, but this efficient little spot spreader easily adjusts to accommodate anything you want to apply, right where you want it.


A Simple Design

needs another complex tool that requires parts or adjustments and maintenance?
I love a simple, efficient tool that I can hang on a nail in my shed, quickly
fill with what I need, screw on the cap and do the task at hand. Simple as it
is, the largest spot spreader can hold up to 80 ounces of material, or just a
few tablespoons. If there’s excess left in the cup, unscrew the top, pour it
back into the bag and hang it up. Easy and efficient!

Will it Last?

you happen to roll your tractor wheel over the Spot Spreader tool, or it meets
some other ghastly fate, this company will replace it with no questions asked.
A lifetime guarantee these days is pretty unique, so you know this product has
to be super durable.

For de-icing, seeding or fertilizing, make sure you have the right tool for the right small job. Gardening is your happy place, so stop dragging or rolling heavy bags of fertilizer, seed and salt around. Fill your Spot Spreader, go out, and increase the peace.

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