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PlantSwatch™ – Gardening by Color and Zone Has Never Been Easier

people are familiar with those colorful paint swatches available for choosing
that perfect shade of color for your home – be the kitchen, the bedroom, or
outdoor shed. But what if you could just as easily choose the best colors for
the garden in a similar way? You can, and PlantSwatch™ is the answer!

What is PlantSwatch™?

is just like a paint swatch but deigned for choosing garden plants instead of
paint. This nifty little “tool” is basically an easy-to-carry index that’s
arranged by color and hardiness zones. It features over 230 plant varieties,
each with its own growing conditions. From shrubs and trees to grasses and flowering
plants, you’ll find everything you need right at your fingertips. The product
was created to provide the “average” gardener, as well as newbies, with a more
practical solution to selecting plants for the garden. And it’s fun!

How Does PlantSwatch™ work?

recently used the PlantSwatch™ in my own garden. After removing some monstrous
shrubs left by previous owners, I was left with a fairly large space in need of
something… and what gardener doesn’t love the chance of starting over with a
clean slate. Sure, it’s easy enough to get the beds started, but then the real task
begins: choosing plants.

it is always fun to purchase new plants, this can also be difficult, especially
if you’re new to gardening. Of course, even for those of us that have been
doing it awhile, we can find ourselves struggling with suitable plant choices.
I mean, there’s just so many and while they may very well grow fine in a
particular area, not all colors work that great together. And this is one place
where the PlantSwatch™ helps.

can literally see how certain colors look next to each other. Choosing the
wrong color palette can make or break the space. You want the colors to
complement each other, not fight one another. This product is designed to make plant
selection easier, putting the fun back into your garden planning. Just follow
the color and number coded bars on each page, and look for plants within that
range. Already have existing plants but looking to add more? Put the swatch
next to your current plantings and see how the colors work together.

it doesn’t just stop there. Color is important but so is choosing the right
plant for the spot you want, and in the correct growing zone. You might love
that zone 10 shade flower, but if you’re in zone 5 or in a sunny location, it
won’t make any difference. It won’t thrive in the wrong zone or growing area.
It’s just that simple. PlantSwatch™, however, makes this easy too. Along with
each colorful photo, you’ll find the plant’s hardiness zone and general information

  • what conditions it
    grows best in – sun, shade, part shade, etc.
  • which soil it
    prefers – well-drained, warm, poor, nutrient-rich, cool, etc.
  • its moisture
    requirements – moist, dry
  • its height and
  • when it blooms and
    what color – spring, summer, year-long foliage, etc.
  • the type of plant it
    is – annual, herbaceous perennial, shrub, etc.

made figuring out what I want to plant in my new bed, an area with morning
shade and afternoon sun, much easier – and quicker. It could take tons of time
browsing plant nurseries looking for suitable choices, but with the PlantSwatch™
I can simply plan ahead. Now when I go to the nursery to purchase the plants on
my list, I know I won’t be wasting money on plants that won’t thrive. And, best
of all, it’s small enough to carry with me so if I come across something new
that captures my attention, I can double check that it will work with my other
plant choices. Plus, it doesn’t cost much – only $14 plus tax and shipping.
I’ll spend far more than that on new plants.

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