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4 Greenhouse Growing Tips for Beginners

Growing plants and veggies in your greenhouse can be a very satisfying hobby. But this is a hobby that requires knowledge and skill. The learning curve in this domain can be quite steep because many factors affect the success of yield and their growth rate. If you are new to greenhouse growing and still learning your way through the various techniques, the following tips may help to get everything right from your first season:

Light and ventilation sources

Summer and spring are two seasons when the plants will get a lot of natural light, but if you decide to grow in late winter or during autumn, you need to arrange for supplementary lighting. The greenhouse directs the artificial light to the plants during the daytime. You can also use LED grow lights if you want the plants to receive extended periods of light. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you can choose from the wide range of fluorescent lights or LED grow light strips.

Apart from paying attention
to the lighting, you should also ensure that the plants receive enough cool
air. Summers can be quite suffocating inside the greenhouse if you don’t keep
the vents open. You can get a customized greenhouse built where you can specify
the precise points for the vents. Always ensure that there are vents along the
sides of the greenhouse and a few vents on the top. This allows the hot air to
escape from the top while cooler air enters the unit from the sides.

2.    Seasonal starting

Greenhouses give your plants
an extended growing season. So, if you sow the seeds during spring or early
summer, there are high chances that you will have vegetables all year round.
Planning the growing schedule is essential. You should always stock up seeds to
produce a good yield. Additionally, you should also invest in a suitable
organic fertilizer, sterile soil, containers, and a heat source. The heat
source will prevent the seeds from freezing in winter.

3.    Heating

The winter is the best time
to learn how to maintain your greenhouse. Since you are new to greenhouse
growing, you need to install an electric heater to balance out the temperature
inside the greenhouse. Depending on the size of the greenhouse, you can either
install a 120-volt heater or a 240-volt heater. Make sure that a reliable
thermostat controls the heater. Increase the temperature of the heater as the
outside temperature dips.

4.    Watering the plants

You shouldn’t fix a set schedule to water the plants. Many newbie gardeners think that watering the plants twice or thrice a day is ideal. That is not the right approach. You should water the plants according to their demands, the temperature conditions, humidity, and their growth stage. Plants at a very young age require more water compared to when they are older. Also, they will need more water in summer than in winter. You can use a moisture meter to understand if the plants need water or not.

Greenhouse growing can be a
fascinating hobby, especially if you are ready to learn new things. These four
expert tips should go a long way as you learn the intricacies of greenhouse

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