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Be a Gardening Wiz with a Gilmour Watering Wand

“Aguamenti!” Water then poured forth from Harry Potter’s watering wand over his hard-to-reach plants. 

Okay. Well, maybe that didn’t happen in the books. But if Harry Potter were a gardener (hey J.K. Rowling… “Harry Potter and the Garden”….), I’m sure he’d be using a Gilmour 8-Pattern Front Control watering wand because it’s magical to use. Just connect this watering wand to a Flexogen garden hose and you, too, will be put under its spell. It’ll be perfect for watering the magical plants in your garden such as centaury, gillyweed, shrivelfig, just to name a few. 

While this watering wand is not made of holly and phoenix feather like Harry’s famous wand, it does feature a durable metal arm that extends from 39 to 55.5 inches (99-141 cm.). The older wizards among us can really appreciate this feature. No more bending over to water plants near the root zone. No more tippy toe stretches or step ladders to water plants in hanging baskets. And no more struggling to reach those plants near the back of a deep garden bed. 

After watering with a Gilmour watering wand, you won’t need to enlist the help of a smart heroine, such as Hermione, in finding a pain-relieving spell in a dusty old tome for back aches – or hand fatigue either. The base of the watering wand features a front mounted trigger which requires 4 times less effort to operate than a rear mounted trigger, so you don’t have to grip or squeeze it too hard.

And while the use of a Gilmour watering wand does not require any in-depth training from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it is quite simple to use. With an adjustable watering head that features 8 spray patterns on a flow control dial, you will look like a gardening wiz as you easily find and apply the perfect pattern for any watering task (Flower, Sweep, Garden, Shrub, Clean, Soft Wash, Wash, Rinse, Jet).  

Watering wands aren’t just for hydrating plants either. I can just envision Ron Weasley using a Gilmour watering wand to spray away and dislodge insects like aphids and spider mites – all those scary “fantastic” beasts. And he would be brave in doing so as he would using the watering wand protracted at its maximum 55.5-inch length. It’s a great means of organic pest control. Also, consider using a watering wand for rinsing out your planters or washing away stray soil in your potting area.  

But you don’t need to be an actual wizard to use a Gilmour watering wand. It gives muggles all the power and control they need to water their garden where, when and how they want.

Experience the magic for yourself and get your very own Gilmour watering wand. Gilmour is currently offering a free shipping promo from 5/10 through 5/19, 11:59pm CT. It applies to all products, you just need to use the code “FREESHIP” at checkout!

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