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Becoming a Food Waste Warrior

month let’s just take a moment to consider what we could do to improve life on
our beautiful planet. If we each made some small upgrade every year, we’d most
certainly live in a healthier world. As gardeners, we already do make a great
contribution, and maybe we could do even more.

Sustainable Brilliance

Do you ever wonder what happens to all that grocery store produce when it gets limp and stale? Imagine the tons of vegetation and wasted food that gets tossed every day when grocers refresh their displays. One mindful food-waste warrior had a vision for the potential of this mass throwaway of aging foods. The result was LIFEFORCE™ 1-1-1,  a powerful, organic superfood for your garden made entirely from grocery store food waste.

high-quality food-based organic fertilizer solution with OMRI-certification
provides so much more than just the N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K
(potassium) required by your garden. Imagine composting the wasted food from an
entire grocery store and reducing it down to a rich, nourishing liquid that
would make your plants grow strong, sturdy and productive. LIFEFORCE™ 1-1-1 is a
super-nutritious plant food that’s more powerful, and way more convenient than
compost. And, just in case you aren’t aware, not all organic products can pass
the rigorous testing and verifications needed to be OMRI-Certified.

What’s the Difference?

Using food waste sourced from grocery stores, the people at Lifeforce Organic have created a clean, sustainable fertilizer while salvaging the waste that would otherwise be squandered in our swelling landfills. You can use this super-nutritious supplement on your vegetables, flowers and lawns, knowing there are no chemicals or foreign ingredients that could be harmful to people or pets. LIFEFORCE™ 1-1-1 can be applied throughout your plants’ growth cycles – no worries about over-fertilizing. But, maybe more importantly, using this ingenious product means you’ve contributed in a big way to the sustainable practice of re-using food waste to create more abundant life on the planet.

A Higher Purpose

magical about nature is that using the complex nutrients from food that’s past
its prime, we can better feed the growth of beautiful new food. That natural cycle
is, in part, what fascinates gardeners – the beauty and simplicity of feeding
new food with old food that has broken down, deteriorated and returned to the earth.
Backyard composting has always been a creative part of gardening, but re-using
food on this scale is groundbreaking.

has harnessed an elevated level of composting by capturing grocery store waste!
It’s such a simple concept, it’s surprising it’s taken so long for this food
revolution to manifest. But it’s here now, and available in a convenient liquid
form. Repurposing grocery store food waste to strengthen the life force of your
growing plants…simply brilliant.

Now’s the Time

Make a decision this Earth Day to be a food-waste warrior! You love organics and LIFEFORCE™ 1-1-1 has clearly reached the highest pinnacle in organic fertilizing to date.  Know that while you’re bringing a safe, responsible and sustainable practice to your gardening, you’re doing your part to support our earth with OMRI-certified organic superfood. We wish you happy, conscious gardening and Happy Earth Day. 000000

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