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Patio Umbrellas That Give Gardeners a Break from Working in the Sun

Gardeners love to
be outdoors, and there are few things better than working in the garden with
the sun on your back. Of course, you can have too much of a good thing, and as
much as we all love a sunny day, we also need some shade. A sturdy,
high-quality patio umbrella is a tool every gardener needs for those
much-earned breaks.

Size Matters with Patio Umbrellas

You need enough shade from your umbrella to cover your break area, so check size before choosing one. A 9-foot diameter is a great option. It is not too big for one person to move, put together, and crank open and closed, but it is large enough to provide shade for a 42- to 54-inch table with four to six chairs. So that you don’t have to constantly get up to adjust the circle of shade, you need at least a 9-foot patio umbrella.

Quality Matters Too

A patio umbrella
is a useful tool for gardeners and entertaining, and it should last for years.
Avoid the temptation to choose a cheap umbrella because you will pay for it in
the end when it falls apart or gets blown away in the first year. Choose a
product with heavy-duty fabric that is water repellant and protected from UV
light. The pole should be aluminum so that it is not too heavy, but thick
enough to be sturdy. The umbrella itself should have multiple rips to stand up
to wind and rain.

You Need an Umbrella That is Easy to Use

If a patio
umbrella you purchase is too difficult for one person to manage, you won’t get
much use out of it. Easiest to use are those that include a hand crank. This
makes it easy to open and close the umbrella. It should also have a simple push
button for tilting the umbrella to the side so that you can easily direct the
shade as the sun moves.

Try the Abba Patio Umbrella

Abba is a manufacturer of some of the highest-quality patio furniture available anywhere. Their 9-foot patio umbrella is a perfect choice for gardeners looking to create a shady spot for getting a little rest and a break from the sun.

This umbrella has
all the features you need, is strong and lightweight, and is easy to assemble
and manage, and includes an auto tilt function. The recycled fabric of the
umbrella is waterproof, fade resistant, and comes in multiple colors.

As a gardener, you
know the importance of having the right tools. This umbrella is another one of
your essential tools. Like your shovels, spades, and wheelbarrow, your umbrella
should be of good quality and serve an important purpose. Check out the Abba patio
umbrella to settle on the best product for shade, rest, and backyard

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